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The most accurate results are shown for academic essays with four paragraphs per page and no headings or subheadings.

Using this words to pages converter will help you make the estimation of the number of pages your paper should have. The only input needed from your side is the number of words or a text you paste in the corresponding field.

  • Regardless of how many extremely long words of the English language you may use in your texts, it is not the winner of the average word length contest. The Mongolian language can boast of having the average word length of almost 12 characters (11.94) while English has only 8 characters as an average. The German language that is known for long words, takes the second place with the average of 11 characters (11.66).

  • Yes, you can get more or fewer pages than our tool shows. Its goal is to present an approximate number of pages. All writers are different. Some prefer using long words, others choose the short ones. The result this tool presents can't be exact as some papers have deviations from the standard mean number of pages.

  • There are no universal recommendations in terms of the font size. It all depends on the formatting style you are required to use. For example, APA style's guidelines will recommend you using 12p font size. Ask your teacher for the instructions if they are not specified in the task.

  • If we are talking about standard requirements, an average page our writers deliver contains around 275 words. But it all depends on the topic of your paper and the formatting guidelines.

  • There is no right answer to this question. It can have only one page or ten pages. The main task of a writer is to answer all the questions a specific topic arises and make weighted logical conclusions. If you can manage to do that in 1 page, do it. But there is nothing wrong about exceeding the recommended number of pages your teacher gives you.